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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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intend to harm the boy. peterson has cooperated with the investigation from the start and, quote, used his judgment as a parents to discipline his son -- parent to discipline his son. the nfl is still in the middle of the domestic violence case against former ravens runningback ray rice. new reports say he was up front with the nfl about the details allegedly telling the league's commissioner roger goodell in june that he hit his wife in an elevator. goodell told cbs's norah o'donnell he didn't know about the punch until seeing it on video this week. ray rice was cut from the team anzus expended indefinitely by the nfl. the fbi is part of the investigation. now, closer to home, an update today on the legal troubles facing 49ers player ray mcdonnell. a court hearing on his domestic violence case has been postponed. mcdonald was arrested on suspicion of beating his pregnant girlfriend. he was set to be arraigned on monday but prosecutors haven't filed charges and are still
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investigating. our legal analyst said, you can bet that investigators are being extremely careful with this high-profile case. >> ray mcdonald will be able to afford a good defense attorney. you cannot submit a half-baked investigation. it needs to be absolutely squared up, tied in and ready to go. >> reporter: now, one distinction to note between mcdonald and what we saw today with adrian peterson. peterson, who is now charged, has been benched. mcdonald, whose case is still under investigation, will play this sunday. ken, back to you. >> thank you, liz. new at 6:00, two bay area sheriff's departments are suspended from a federal program after losing military grade assault weapons. so how did this happen? len ramirez discovered that may depend on who you ask. >> reporter: two assault rifles like this one went missing last
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october part of a grant of 80 m- 16s given to san mateo by the federal government as part of a war surplus program the same that gave armored troop carriers. a spokesman said staff and equipment routinely moves throughout san mateo county on a regular basis, thus the tracking of resources may not necessarily have been in accord with the movement. in other words, the weapons could have been lost or stolen but that's not sheriff told his boss. >> the sheriff's explanation is that the two that were missing actually were used as spare parts for the other weapons. >> reporter: county supervisor and former sheriff don horsley. >> have to take him at his word but we are going to ask for some detailed information about how do you know that's true, and make sure that we actually are satisfied that that in fact is the case. >> reporter: san mateo is hardly alone. it is one of nine law enforcement agencies including the chp and the napa county sheriff's department that have been suspended from the surplus
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program because of missing firearms. san mateo county has established a corrective action plan to make sure it better accounts for the firearms it receives but it still has to fully account for the two assault rifles now missing for almost a year. in redwood city, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the napa county sheriff's department also lost or misplaced one m-16 rifle. they have not returned our calls about how that happened. san jose police are questioning two people about the latest homicide. a woman was found lying behind a motel on oakland road today. she died shortly after police arrived. police have not given any details about a motive and other circumstances. this is san jose's 26th homicide of the year. one suspect behind bars tonight for an early-morning home invasion in the oakland hills. trouble started when a man was leaving his redwood heights home about 5:30 this morning. two men robbed him before forcing their way inside the house. that homeowner and a woman inside were not injured. >> we're still in our beginning
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stages. the family members are pretty shaken up. so we're still trying to gather more information as well as hopefully we get some video evidence. >> police are still searching for the second suspect. they believe he escaped through a back door. it's a mystery playing out in northern california's marijuana country. commandos dropping on pot farms. are they cops or hired guns? joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: they dress in combat camouflage, some of them hide their faces. this summer a group of men in mendocino county flew missions to eradicate marijuana plants. >> last year we arrested two individuals in mendocino county for trespass at first, identified ourselves and then they had weapons. >> reporter: according to their promotional poster they work with law enforcement. that's why susan schindler suspected the posse when her
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garden got hit last month. >> they took a hacksaw and sliced through the stem. >> reporter: the men who dropped into the garden from an unmarked helicopter refused to identify themselves. >> there was no paperwork, no copies of warrants. it's all gone. >> reporter: she is following all the county regulations, 25 plants per parcel, the legal limit in mendocino county. and she says the strain of cannabis she grows has no street value. it really is medicinal. >> so the irony is this whole garden that was destroyed was not a garden that would get you high. >> reporter: lear's management turned down our request for a comment. >> we don't hire private security guards to do our law
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enforcement jobs. >> reporter: he says his deputies have conducted some recent raids including several in susan's area on the day she was hit. but he says his guys wear badges and clearly identify themselves. are people seeing things? is it just the fact that you guys have been doing raids and they -- they -- you know, people are mistaken, seeing different helicopters? you tell me, what do you -- >> i think that, um, there are some people who, uhm, may become paranoid this time of year. >> reporter: but susan has another theory. whoever is behind it, she thinks she is an easy target. >> i think they tried to find places where they saw nobody and i think they tried to find places where they didn't think they would be confronted with guns. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> it is still unclear who exactly is raiding these pot farms. the security company lear insists they are only staying on private property of those who hire them and that is perfectly legal. if you are arrested in san
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leandro, smile. chances are good you're going to be on camera. starting today police have portable videocameras on their uses to record interviews with crime victims and witnesses. and they will roll on what happens during an arrest. in criminal cases the recordings will be considered evidence. that may be used in court. and officers are not allowed to edit or delete them. a developing story out of southern california. live pictures as firefighters are battling a wildfire in orange county. the conditions are rough and the weather is very hot for firefighters. the fire jumped from 300 acres to 1300 acres in just a few hours this afternoon. the terrain is very remote and right now crews are mainly using planes and helicopters to drop fire retardant on the flames. many different agencies are helping the u.s. forest service crews battle these flames. this is an overview. the fire is burning in the cleveland national forest. there are voluntary evacuations posted but some people are
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risking it. >> we're worried about our animals and some people are worried about kids that they have in their houses and they want to make sure if they need to evacuate that they can do it before it's too late. >> at last report about 20 homes are threatened. the roads are very narrow and firefighters are worried that if too many people try to leave at once, it will block the movements of the fire trucks. hot outside today. parts of the bay area got near triple-digit heat again. chief meteorologist paul deanno live in san jose with our mobile weather. hi, paul. >> reporter: hey, how are you dealing? it's another hot day out there. it's a friday night, 100 degrees. we do this in september pretty often. we lose that onshore flow. we lose the ocean influence. and as a result, temperatures go through the roof. we had triple-digits today. 101 in fairfield, 101 in livermore today. santa rosa 92. napa you hit the 90s again today. but near the water where we had just enough of the onshore flow to keep your temperatures cool,
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san francisco the high today 68 and oakland 78 so a 33-degree temperature spread between the 60s in san francisco and triple digits in livermore and fairfield. this weekend will be nearly as hot but if you are tired of the heat you don't want to pay for the air-conditioning anymore, there is relief coming up in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about when highs inland may not even hit the 80s. that's coming up in about 7 minutes. we'll talk about football, too. that's next. >> "friday night lights." we'll see you then, thanks, paul. new at 6:00, a high school sophomore sidelined forced to sit out some key football games not because of anything he did. kpix 5's mark sayre is live in morgan hill with why his parents are being blamed. mark. >> reporter: i don't know if blame is the right word. but according to the group that oversees varsity sports in california, what his family did wrong is they did not all move together from their home in southern california to here in morgan hill and one of those family members cannot pursue his passion, high school
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football. zach is a new sophomore at live oak high school in morgan hill. he moved along with his mother mona so she could take a new job here in the bay area. but his dad and sister stayed behind so his sister could finish her senior year of high school and that's when trouble began. >> so right after school started, um, my son was called to the office and he was told that he is not going to be eligible to play in the football program and he spent the entire summer coming up here practicing with the team. >> reporter: varsity high school sports in california are governed by the california interscholastic federation which ruled he must sit out four games because the entire immediate family didn't move all at once to morgan hill. >> there was a lot of concern over the school wanting to make sure it didn't look like we were picking them because of the football program and different things and we made it clear we were moving here because of a job and this was the school he would go to. >> reporter: a spokesman for cif says the strict transfer rules are agreed to by all of
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its 1500-member schools including live oak. but the by laws do provide provisions to make exceptions. mona is puzzled why a family that's just trying to make the best job and education decisions for everyone would end up in this situation. >> we're told actually if we got divorced, then my son could play. if my daughter came up here for her senior year, then he could play. >> reporter: now, a cif spokesman says there is in fact an appeals process in place but at this point, the length of time it would take to run that appeal probably would not do zach any good. reporting live in morgan hill, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> zach says his coaches and fellow players are being very supportive. still ahead, what's floating in a northern california lake is prompting fear over what's flowing out of the tap. >> you know, we're afraid of our drinking water. and we're not supposed to be afraid of it. >> water customers at the mercy
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of this green mess. and just as soon as the agency in charge can clean it up, it is back again. >> and store owners hungry for customers after the napa quake. the business they have lost and why there are new signs of hope.
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attacked a 6 year old boy. searchers with dogs had been tonight dna proves the mountain lion shot and killed in cupertino was the same one that attacked a 6-year-old. the cat bit the child on sunday. they killed it wednesday near the attack site. tests also show the mountain lion did not have rabies or any other diseases. the injured boy has been released from the hospital. one of downtown vallejo's main streets is it open after the quake. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, store owners are hoping that it
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will mean customers will come back. >> reporter: greg leopold has been framing pictures in downtown vallejo for 30 years. and he has never seen a month like this. >> this is a main drag through downtown vallejo. they need to have it open again. >> reporter: the 400 block of georgia street has been closed to car traffic since the napa earthquake on august 24. this building was red-tagged when part of the masonry fell off and the block was shut down. >> just a weird feeling down here not having the street open at all. >> reporter: yesteryear's market has seen a drop in business due to confusion. >> i get a lot of calls asking, well, how do i get to your store? can i park? is it safe? >> reporter: but leopold says he has seen business increase. he has been reframing items damaged in people's homes during the quake and has seized the opportunity. >> we're coming downtown to at least witness the -- the work going on with that building across the street sea i stand out there like a -- so i stand out there like a circus hawker
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and talk to people. >> reporter: once the building is done, merchants hope they will come out ahead. >> that might be the little kick in the butt all of downtown vallejo needs to bootstrap itself back into the current century. >> reporter: even with the street re-opening, the closures aren't over yet. parts of this street will be closed periodically as the demo work continues. in vallejo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. it's a beautiful reservoir, people rely on it for their drinking water. but what's lurking in that water has some people saying they won't use a drop. kpix 5's don ford takes us to clearlake where people fear what's in the lake water is ending up in their tap water. >> reporter: this time of year, the southern section of clearlake is never exactly clear. the annual algae bloom seems worse than ever. >> you go through the water and
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look at the backof it, it's green. >> reporter: the drought is hitting the lake hard, too. the water level is way down. >> one of the lowest points in the last 40 years. >> reporter: several communities pull their drinking water from the lake. the intakes of the clearlake plant is 8 feet below the surface. there's only so much filtering they can do. >> our plant can do what it can do but we're at the mercy of the lake. >> reporter: several miles away at another water treatment plant the water here is also safe but for a while it smelled bad. and people certainly noticed. >> you know, we're afraid of our drinking water. and we're not supposed to be afraid of it. >> reporter: the williams family says it isn't taking any chances. they are drinking and cooking with bottled water. >> we apologize for the smelling water. we're doing everything in our power to remove the smell. >> reporter: they're removing hundreds of pounds of algae every, single day. it's a battle.
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>> all we want is clearwater for our children. >> go get the ball. >> reporter: until the water clears up, they won't even let their dog drink it. the water agencies say if you think this looks bad, they caution one more dry winter, and it could get a lot worse. at clearlake don ford, kpix 5. it is time now to go outside for "friday night lights." check in with paul deanno. >> he is live in san jose tonight with the mobile weather lab. the intro to that is cool. takes me back a few years, i got to admit. >> back to high school. it's a big game, fun time of year. school is in. we're playing football. we try to find some of the best football games of the region. we traveled to san jose, city college where san leandro is playing bellarmine. it is time for "friday night lights"! there it is. there's the ball. we have a great night for football. we have temperatures in the 80s right now. it's 85 degrees outside in san jose after a high in some parts of the city around 90.
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but that wasn't one of the hot spots. take a look at a few of the hot spots out there. we had triple digits throughout the bay area today. 103 in vacaville. pleasanton 102. antioch a high of 100. campbell you hit 92 degrees. san bruno 75. but check out the coast. daly city today was 43 degrees cooler than vacaville. a high of only 60 degrees. a lot of sporting events aside from this great football game here. we have the giants, dodgers, riehlry first place at stake. 7:5 today mainly clear a little chilly 63 degrees. sunday 1:25, the raiders hosting the texans, sunshine, 74 degrees, great day at and the 9ers, the first regular season game at levi's stadium taking on the bears, 5:30. it's a sunday night game. sunny, warm, 82 degrees. that ridge of high pressure which has kept us warm for the past couple of days will remain for the weekend, not much change when it comes to the weather on saturday and sunday. it will be a nice sunny weekend. that ridge will move next week
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and changes are coming. they will be cooler changes but high temperatures tomorrow still warm. san jose 87. mountain view 80s. livermore near 100. san francisco 70 for a high. pacifica 68. you want to cool off go to the beach. more cooling on sunday but only a few degrees. 90s inland. 70s near the bay. 60s at the coast. next week, here we go, onshore flow monday and tuesday. some 80s inland. then upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. and by next wednesday and next thursday we are cloudier and we are much cooler with temperatures only in the upper 70s and low 80s inland and highs will be only in the mid- 60s near the bay. what do you think, guys? we caught the ball. time to throw it? what do you think? >> go for it. >> fire when ready. >> there it is. >> nice. >> not very far. not very far. but at least it was accurate. "friday night lights" in san jose, got a great game, san leandro and bellarmine tonight at 7:00 . back to you. >> love that feature.
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all right, paul, thanks. still ahead, a big birthday coming up for our national anthem. ♪[ music ] >> a little huey lewis action. a little known bay area connection to the iconic song. ♪[ music ]
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national anthem's bicentenn. president obama was in baltimore today to kick off a weekend celebration honoring
6:24 pm
the national anthem's bicentennial. the president toured fort mchenry and took a look at the original star-spangled banner manuscript. francis scott key wrote it during the battle of baltimore in 1814. we have a saying in our newsroom, there is always a bay area connection. and boy, is that ever true with francis scott key. take a look. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: maybe a little shaky with the lyrics about these san francisco kindergartners are singing the poetry of their school's namesake. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: but francis scott key elementary isn't the man's only signature on our landscape landscape. >> i believe it's the biggest monument in the park. he sits up in the chair and then the finial on top is the
6:25 pm
goddess of liberty. >> reporter: but who would give the park such a grand statue of mr. key? >> james lick was the benefactor of this magnificent piece. >> reporter: yes, james lick who died the richest man in california. he left his name, well, all over the place. but in 1814, lick was a teenaged piano maker in baltimore. and he watched with his own eyes the perilous fight at fort mchenry. that's right, the very same rockets and bombs that inspired francis scott key. >> it's an extraordinary come together of small-time small place little situations that adds up to something big really in american history. >> reporter: barely an hour's drive from that statue, key left an even more intimate legacy in the bay area. >> we have one daughter here and then several of their children here. so we have about five members
6:26 pm
of francis scott key's family buried in this cemetery. >> reporter: yes, one of key's daughters followed her husband to california. when he was hired by david farragut to help build the mare island naval shipyard. >> a little piece of history we throw in, a little united states history. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: most of us only know one verse of what's now our national anthem. but we know it by heart. the work of an amateur poet that still resonates after 200 years. ♪[ music ] our producer wilson walker did a great job researching that. if you want to check it out, the mare island cemetery is open to the public on weekends. coming up in our next half- hour, president obama clears the way for aid to the victims of a napa quake. we break down what that really
6:27 pm
means for people some who have lost everything. >> plus a parking meter glitch leaving some bay area drivers with unfair tickets. and we'll talk about this fire. ,,,,,,,,
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house... but it might not g here now at 6:30, new relief for napa quake victims coming all the way from the white house. but it might not get here fast enough to help some people. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. the federal help announced just as 911 tapes are released revealing the chaos seconds after the napa earthquake. take a listen. >> is anyone injured, sir? if not, i have to let you go. we have many 911 calls. are there any injuries? >> i believe she is trapped in the house. the caller is on the line, though. >> i'm trapped in my bedroom. i can't get out of my bedroom! >> caller, dispatch i have the caller's call-back number. >> no, i'm not. but i can't get out of my room! >> panicked callers reporting power outages, gas leaks, injuries, and in one case a person trapped in a chair lift. of course, the person trapped there in their house. the president has now declared napa a disaster area. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo
6:31 pm
tells us why that won't really help the locals anytime soon. ryan. >> reporter: ken, it's a necessary step but not the final step in this process for business owners or homeowners including homeowners that have damage like this. i'm standing up straight but check out this slant right here in the porch. there is more damage down there. homeowners will have to wait at least a week until the city even files for fema aid for individuals. >> the toughest part, well, realizing that i can't live here anymore. >> reporter: june smith can't afford to fix her mobile home. so she will have to move at the end of the month. but she still is hoping for some federal aid to help her through so she is glad president obama declared the earthquake a national disaster. >> we have one part of the fema assistance. now we're working on the second part. >> reporter: napa's mayor says yesterday's decision only approves fema money to cover local government costs like fixing roads and utilities. >> the public part does not
6:32 pm
mean the citizens. what it means is the public infrastructure and the public costs relating to the disaster. >> reporter: the process for individual help is still in the works. city workers are doing door-to- door checks to see how much help they will need. >> we should have our inspections done by the middle of next week and we are going to send that in right away. >> reporter: once that's in, there is no timeline for fema's decision. june says she can't wait for fema and is prepared to go alone. >> i can't wait for them to come to me. >> reporter: fema help normally comes in the form of money or low-interest loans to start the rebuilding process. realistically, a city council member told me that once it is approved, that second step, you're looking at least one or two months before the money comes. live in napa, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. a new poll released today shows governor jerry brown with a comfortable lead over his republican challenger. the poll by usc and the "l.a. times" found that if election
6:33 pm
were telled today, brown would defeat republican neel kashkari 57% to 32% if the election poll were held today. poll researchers also found 79% of registered voters could not identify the gop candidate. dozens of people hit with parking tickets for expired meters long before their time is up. and high-tech meters in walnut creek are to blame. the sensors in the road are supposed to know when the car leaves the spot. but sometimes just a truck or a bus driving by can fool the meter into resetting thinking the car left. the meter times go down to zero and then here comes the parking ticket. >> got five tickets in one month. and i never took so many tickets in one year. >> i don't really know if i trust anything electronic too much anymore. >> the city says only about one in every 10,000 meter transactions is affected. still, they lower the sensor's
6:34 pm
sensitivity hoping to fix it. a rapper is trying to get his career back on traffic and weather after being shot five times while filming a music video in east oakland last year. kafani is now hoping to use a device by rewalks robotics. it would help him stand and walk, but it costs $85,000. so the rapper is starting a "crowdfunding" campaign to raise funds. >> i feel more confident. i'm more amped up to be like in this gig standing up like i was able to stand up and talk to you. >> kafani hopes his campaign will be the first of many to help others get the device. to help, go to huge mystery going on right now. was it a ufo? was it space junk? aliens? early this morning you may have seen a strange light in the sky. some bay area residents caught that flaming fireball on
6:35 pm
camera. people as far away as southern california and oregon also reported seeing the mystery light. >> about 6 a.m. this morning i came out and i'm walking on the driveway and i looked up at the sky and saw this little orange ball about -- above the redwood trees. >> well, astronomers suspect it was a meteor. they don't really know. it had an unusually long tail, which made it more impressive. still ahead, carpooling is usually seen as a good thing in ecofriendly california but in consumerwatch, find out why for some it's illegal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
consumer watch reporter jul watts is here to expla tonight ridesharing companies are finding out they are in trouble with the law. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: uber, lyft, sidecar they all launched these carpool services last months and now the state says it's illegal. the service pairs up two strangers who are going the same way and charges each
6:38 pm
person separately. but in california, that's against the law unless you're a school bus. it's actually illegal to pick up more than one person and charge them individually and folks at the puc aren't the only ones against the rideshare carpooling. a study out of m.i.t. found the service could cost taxi drivers up to 40% of their business but never liked uber our lyft anyway. companies don't plan to change their service but will work with the state to find a solution. american credit card bills are climbing. the average household now has $6,800 in credit card debt. analysts predict it will top out at $7,000 by the end of the year. just in time for the holiday shopping season. the iphone 6 buying frenzy has officially begun. presales of the iphone 6 began at midnight and there are a record number of presales but the sale had hangups. for several hours this morning, customers couldn't buy the device because the site was overwhelmed. those who did manage to get on
6:39 pm
reported delays in getting their order processed. the iphone 6 goes on sale in brick and mortar apple stores at 8 a.m. next friday. supplies will be limited. diehards are already camping out. >> amazing. the uber lyft phenomenon that horse is out of the barn. they are going to have to figure it out. >> there have been many laws they have been technically violating since they launched. and each time they kind of work with lawmakers to figure out a solution, a happy medium. we'll see. it is going to i'm sure take time to work it out. >> absolutely. thank you. still ahead, lending a helping hand to kids in an unfamiliar place. >> how a bay area teenager is reaching out to young people seeking refuge here in the u.s. >> three kpix 5 mobile weather lab is here in san jose for "friday night lights." the seven-day forecast coming up. >> ahead, giants, dodgers. do i have to say more?
6:40 pm
>> reaction from a pitch you don't want to be in front of. >> and we actually have nfl talk about football. sports in 10 minutes. i'll see you then. , ,,,,
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it has been a big political topic. migrant children coming across the u.s. border. now a bay area teenager is mobilizing a humanitarian effort of her own. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: julia tognotti watched the documentary in spanish class last spring that changed her life. in the film "which way home," migrant central american children escape poverty and violence by taking the dangerous trek alone across the u.s./mexico border. >> something really just hit me and made me want to do something and make a difference. >> reporter: this 17-year-old senior at st. ignatius college prep began to collect clothes and toiletries and send them to the border initiative in arizona a ministry to refugee on either side of the u.s./mexico border. she shipped thousands of items from her belmont home. she and her dad even took a summer trip to nogales, mexico to give young people donations
6:44 pm
face to face. >> hearing their stories, it gives me more understanding as to why they want to come to america. >> sometimes you just get -- >> reporter: julia's teacher joe bommarito is thrilled the film he showed in class sparked her giving spirit. >> she wants to do something and has a desire to change a system that is broken. >> reporter: julia says her mission is humanitarian, not political. still, she gets criticism on social media. >> there's been a lot of comments. why aren't you helping people in the u.s.? like why, are you doing this like send them like this is isn't right -- >> reporter: despite the criticism, what keeps you going? >> having been down there and giving the things to people and seeing how grateful they were and how much they needed it, um, is what still keeps me sending the donations down because i have seen it. >> i had a collection of
6:45 pm
toiletries. >> reporter: norma gomez looked for a way to help the migrant children and brought donations to julia's home. >> i just was very impressed with this young lady's commitment. it's amazing. she's my new hero. >> reporter: so for providing humanitarian aid to undocumented young people, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to julia tognotti. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> julia also volunteers at a food bank and a pet shelter and she helps disabled children and veterans with horse therapy. she eventually wants to work for the united nations in humanitarian aid and emergency relief. i think she is on her way. you can find more information about julia's project or her page julia's journey for others, it is linked to our story online at a lawmaker accidentally saying the wrong word on live tv ends up pretty embarrassed. we'll tell you what he said
6:46 pm
tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10 p.m. on the cw. we'll see you then. it is friday and mobile weather is out covering high school football. week one, we featured pittsburg versus cal high and last friday serra took on de la salle. this week paul deanno is live in san jose. >> reporter: yeah. it is a nice night for football out here. warm but the hot stuff is gone. we had a high of 90. it was 88 when we got here. now we are down to the low 80s. less than 15 minutes to kickoff. two good football teams here in blue. we have bellarmine high school. they made the play-offs last year. they're 1-0 this year. the far end of the field we have san leandro ranked number 10 in the bay area. they are 2-0. and they made the play-offs last year. and we're playing at san jose city college which is bellarmine's home field and we are 14 minutes away from a quality football game and very nice weather after a pretty hot day and temperatures are cooling down but the one exception certainly is
6:47 pm
livermore. 98 degrees after a high of 101. it is still hot inland. san bruno you have the sea breeze down to 67. oakland down to 70. santa rosa down to 84. and san jose after officially a high of 85 although much of the city hit 90. at the airport, you're currently 83 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll cool down to the upper 50s for you in santa rosa and san rafael. otherwise right around 60. good sleeping weather. vallejo 60. san jose 61. fremont and livermore tonight 62 degrees. so what's going on? why are we so hot away from the water but we're not in the city of san francisco? the big ridge of high pressure eliminating 95% of the onshore flow. that means inland you're not getting ocean influence and you're just cooking. but right near the water, right along the coastline, in the city, you do have just enough of appear on shore flow to keep you relatively cool although the highs around 70 are completely average for this time of year. so over the weekend, the ridge stays. we'll have that nice weekend with lots of afternoon sunshine. it will be on the warm side still. then we have changes coming. not because the ridge is weaker but because the ridge will be moving allowing the onshore
6:48 pm
flow to come back. so we're clear tonight inland. we'll see fog along the coastline and near the bay. lots of sunshine away from the coastline, both saturday and sunday. you want the sunshine, you got it. and temperatures will stay above average for most of the bay area. the coast again being the exception. tank a tour with me. we'll head south first. los gatos the 2 degrees tomorrow. 92. hayward 79. walnut creek warm again 97. big parade in downtown walnut creek tomorrow night. pleasant hill 95. dublin 95 degrees. berkeley cooler some morning fog afternoon sunshine 74. petaluma 87. but look at daly city. 64 degrees. there's the ocean influence. not everywhere, but it will get you in daly city. st. helena 96. extended forecast, right on through the weekend we are in the 90s still inland. mid-70s near the bay, mid-60s at the coast. the first temperature drop monday and tuesday with a light onshore flow. the bigger temperature drop starts next wednesday and lasts through friday with 70s and 80s inland. only the 60s near the bay
6:49 pm
thanks to a stronger onshore flow. getting ready for some "friday night lights"! we have clear skies, we have warm weather, we have a big football game in san jose. bellarmine, san leandro, 11 minutes away. we have sports coming up next.
6:50 pm
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dodgers and gian are you ready? just 16 days remain in the major league baseball season and the dodgers and giants are separated by just 2 games in the n.l. west as l.a. is inside at&t park right now for a critical three-game series. baumgarner looking for his 18th win. the dodgers and giants they face each other 6 times during the final two weeks of the season. san francisco has a four-game lead in the wild card race. but their goal is to chase down l.a. and win the west. everyone in the giants clubhouse is excited including jake peavey, yesterday's winning pitcher who won't face the dodgers this weekend. are you the cheerleader over the weekend or -- >> i will be -- have my pom poms out all weekend. that's for sure. we certainly would like to be two games up and not -- our main focus is trying to win this division. you don't want to have to roll
6:53 pm
the dice with that one game. we all know anything can happen in one game. so our sights are on the division. we're going to do everything we can do to get it done. >> it's going to be a lot of excitement as there should be. i mean, this is a there's a lot of history in these two teams and it's good for baseball. the way the schedule is lined up, worked out pretty good i guess for baseball. >> we'll have pictures of that on the late show. giants brandon belt may be resuming baseball activity. in fact, he had batting practice this afternoon. he has missed time since early august with a concussion. he could be activated tonight. this is last night. oh. that's miami marlins star giancarlo stanton who took that fastball in the face in a game at milwaukee. the mvp candidate will not have to have surgery despite suffering facial fractures. he will likely miss the -- here it is again, miss the rest of the season. by the way, the pitcher right
6:54 pm
after stanton was hit struck reed johnson, both benches cleared. the miami manager had strong words for fire after the game. he hit guy in the mouth, number one. after he hit reed in the hand looks in the dugout throws his hands up like why are you mad? you just knocked out our best player in the mouth and hit another guy in the hand. what are we supposed to do? you know? what type of reaction are you thinking that we're going to give you? right? hey, man, you know, don't worry about it, man, it's okay. >> don't call in. i'm not going to shortchange the a's. they got one game wild card race lead into seattle tonight. closer sean doolittle has been actsvated off the dl. story on the late show. the 49ers quarterback parish cox who intercepted cowboys tony romo last sunday
6:55 pm
on the d pass, cox just doesn't play deep. he can play anywhere on the field. he returns kicks, punts, earlier this week i asked him about his versatility. >> in the golf vernacular you looked at one club in the back that the weekend hacker can always rely on the one club that will never fail him. >> yes, sir. coach says i'm the wood in the golf bag. >> that's right. >> he always say that to me, you know, coach jackson i -- [ indiscernible ] being the utility guy. it helps me in other positions. i know what they are doing. plus the say. so i know where everybody is going to be at and it helps me in overall defense. i love the name. veronica's boy, rory mcilroy, second round of the tour championship, his tee shot at 14. it went into the gallery, right
6:56 pm
into a spectator's pocket. it led to this exchange. [ laughter ] >> on the fly? >> did not move. >> all right. what pocket is it in? [ laughter ] >> patrick roy tookmcilroy bogeyed the hole tied for second two shots off the lead. you don't see that very often. like never. i have seen guys getting hit then they get autographed balls but right in the pocket? >> i wonder if it left a mark. >> i wonder if he had moved on the fairway if he took the drop in. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you kids doing? thank you very much. how you folks? come on. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, got another good one for you today. returning for their third day from west orange, new jersey, it's the rondinella family. [cheering] and from maplewood, new jersey, it's the burns family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that fuel-efficient ford fusion right there. let's play the "feud." give me chaz. give me laura. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays]
7:00 pm
all right, guys, here we go. top 8 answers are on the board. if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring with her on stage? chaz. >> her pole. steve: her pole. >> a pole. >> whoa, good answer! good answer. [cheering] >> the pole. steve: all them 8 years in the service, you ain't-- >> i don't do strip clubs. steve: you ain't never been to a strip club? >> no, i don't know. >> well, let me tell you something, pole already out there. >> ha ha! steve: brings her own pole! laura. >> her shoe. steve: her... >> her shoe, her glass slipper. steve: her shoe. ok. her shoe. the shoe! [cheering] pass or play? >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, rebecca, if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring ta


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